We generally analyze two components within the petrochemical-plastic sector: On the one hand, the raw material and, on the other hand, the product manufactured with the plastic raw material. In the case of real production, that is, the GDP of the sector as of the third quarter of 2021, we had a real growth of 28% in plastic raw material. In products, growth was close to 23%.

In the case of employment, it should be noted that in the country this behaves in a less volatile manner due to certain inflexibilities that exist within the labor legislation. In 2020 it fell less and in 2021 it grew less, however, with a positive behavior: 1.7% in the case of plastic products and 4% in plastic materials.

The sector has been growing in exports at rates of 26% in plastic products and 68% in plastic raw materials. In this there is a fact that I find very interesting that not only shows the behavior of this year, but also the projections and it is the growth in imports or investments in machinery for the transformation of plastics: In 2021 it grew 25%.

In January 2021, Acoplásticos formalized an alliance with Messe Düsseldorf, the organizers of the most important plastics fair in the world. With this alliance, ColombiaPlast has been greatly strengthened, as it is the first to be organized jointly with Corferias and will be in September 2022. A wide attendance of exhibitors and visitors is expected with a robust academic agenda.



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